Our Story

So it all began when Kelly (founder of Kids Capers) had an idea to make a superhero cape for her son and daughter. She was quite impressed on how they turned out but most importantly – she had so much fun making them!

"I love seeing children running, playing and planning adventures with their imaginations soaring and my capes flying behind them" says Kelly.


At Kids Capers we have come to realise that capes have the power to not only create magical fun but enable kids to feel powerful, courageous and strong.  In each child there is a little superhero or warrior princess just waiting to emerge!

Our superhero capes are 100% handmade, reversible and come in a range of vibrant colours with fun symbols. As the capes are made to order it can take up to 10 working days for you to receive your cape. We can customise the capes so the possibilities are endless – we are sure we can make a cape for any aspiring superhero.

Kids Capers is a non profit organisation and every time a cape is purchased, the sales proceeds goes towards making a special cape for a nominated “little hero” (children who may be struggling with illness, disability, loss or trauma).


"a true hero isn't measured by the size of their strength but by the strength of their heart"


With Love

Kelly Hunt