Super Bowie

Bowie is a battler that has fought back from heart failure as a baby.


After suspecting Bowie had whooping cough Bowie's mum took him to hospital to be checked.  A chest x-ray revealed Bowie had an enlarged heart and was eventually diagnosed with the rare condition Acyanotic Tetraolgy of Fallot, with a 6mm hole in his right ventricle.


Bowie needed surgery but a week before he was due to have the operation, he suffered heart failure.  Fortunately a course of diuretics cleared it up. 


Once Bowie had gained enough weight he was able to undergo the surgery to repair the hole in his heart.  The surgery was a success!


His start to life was tough but fortunately things have returned back to normal for Bowie and his family!


Bowie is nearly 4 and half years old now and is doing awesome!


Heart Kid10.png